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Essential Stick & Cane:Combative Techniques for Martial Artist

  • The Jo: The Japanese Short Staff (with Don Zier. Unique Publishing Co., 1985)
  • Jujutsu: Techniques and Tactics (with Doug Musser. Human Kinetics, 1999)
  • History of Jujutsu (From Jujutsu Techniques and Tactics)[Link]
  • Japanese Sword Drawing: A Guide for Instructors, (in support Don Zier. Unique Publications, 2002)
  • The Kyusho of Ate Mi (The vital points of the body and the medical implications of striking them. Published privately in 1976)
  • An Introduction to Kodenkan Jujutsu (Published privately in 1979)
  • Katsu: Traditional Japanese Resuscitation Techniques (A review article on Japanese resuscitation techniques [katsu or kapo]. Annals of Emergency Medicine 1984;1:40-4)
  • Conveying Movement in Print: How to Present Martial Arts Techniques in Photographs and Text (Journal of Asian Martial Arts 2008;17:38-53) 







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