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Essential Stick and Cane: Combative Techniques for Martial Artists 

Essential Stick & Cane:Combative Techniques for Martial Artists


Essential Stick and Cane is a collection of more than 200 techniques with the 3-foot stick (the Japanese hanbo) or standard J-handled cane (or tourist- or crook-handled cane). Each technique specifically involves a stick or cane and quickly becomes a jointlock, choke, escape, throw, takedown, or unusual counterattack. The techniques were chosen, combined, refined, and sometimes created after a review more than 250 DVDs, videos, books, manuals, and notebooks on the topic that the author has collected in his 40 years of martial arts training.

The techniques are shown in a series of DVDs (see below) and described in an Instructorís Manual.

Contents of the Essential Stick & Cane Instructorís Manual, Second Edition

Preface xxiii
Introduction 1
The Stick and Cane 5
The Stick and Cane as Weapons 7
   Terms Used in the Book 8
   Stances and Grips for the Stick 9
   Stances and Grips for the Cane 13
Getting ready to Practice 15
   Making a Practice Stick 15
     Preventing Injuries 16
Practicing the Techniques 17
   Ways to Practice 17
   Problems with Attacks 18
   Problems with Techniques 19
Principles of Leverage 22
   Type 1 Levers: The Principle of “Owning” the Stick 23
   Type 2 Levers: The Principle of the Scissor Hold 25
   Type 3 Levers: The Principle of Striking 26
Principles of Movement 29
   The Difference Between Movement and Motion 29
   Capturing the Wrist: The Forearm Parry and Slide 31
   Moving the Stick to Vertical: The Hip-Body Turn 32
   Holding with the Stick: Applying the Scissor Holds 33
   Taking the Stick: “Making and Breaking the Triangle” 34
   Taking the Stick: Flexing the Wrist 36
   Striking with the Stick in a Sword Grip 36
   Other Principles of Movement 37
Notes on Learning 39
Notes on the Book 40
Part 1: Countering Lower-Level Unarmed Attacks 41
List 1: Two-Handed Counterattacks 43
List 2: One-Handed Counterattacks 51
List 3: Countering a Wrist Grip 58
List 4: Countering a Same-Side Grip on a Stick 62
List 5: Countering a Cross-Side Grip on a Stick 69
List 6: Countering a Two-Handed Grip on a Stick 76
Part 2: Countering Higher-Level Unarmed Attacks 81
List 7: Countering a Reach 83
List 8: Countering a Punch 91
List 9: Countering a Kick 96
List 10: Chokes and Necklocks 99
List 11: Throws 107
Part 3: Cane Techniques 115
List 12: Hook-Handled Cane Techniques   117
List 13: Hooking Cane Techniques 122
List 14: Straight Cane Techniques 125
List 15: Countering a Grip on Your Cane Hand 129
List 16: Cane-Taking Techniques 136
Part 4: Countering Armed Attacks 141
List 17: Disarms from a One-Handed Stick Attack 143
List 18: Disarms from a Two-Handed Stick Attack 151
List 19: Countering a Club or Stick Attack 156
List 20: Countering a Knife or Sword Attack 161
Part 5: Master's Techniques 167
List 21: Masterís Techniques 169
Part 6: Stick Handling Techniques 179
List 22: Striking Patterns for a Stick or Cane 181
List 23: Rolls with a Stick 191
List 24: Exercises with a Stick 195
Appendix 1: An Overview of Stick Fighting 209
   Stick Fighting in Different Cultures 209
   Types of Stick and Staff Weapons 218
   Ways of Fighting with a Stick 220
Apendix 2: Thoughts on Self-Defense training 221
Apendix 3: Medical Aspects of the Masterís Techniques 226
   Joint Injuries 226
   Head Injuries 228
   Neck Injuries 231
   Face and Throat Injuries 232
   Chest Injuries 234
Bibliography 236
Books Primarily on Stick (3-Foot) Fighting 236
Books Primarily on Cane Fighting 237
Videos and DVDs on Stick (3-Foot-Stick) Fighting 238
Videos and DVDs on Cane Fighting 239
Books with Sections on Club, Stick, or Staff Fighting 242
Videos and DVDs with Sections on Stick or Cane Fighting 243
Books Primarily on Club (2-Foot Stick) Fighting 244
Videos and DVDs on Club (2-Foot-Stick) Fighting 245
Books Primarily on Staff (4-Foot Stick or Longer) Fighting 246
Videos and DVDs on Staff (4-Foot-Stick) Fighting 246
Other Citations of Unknown Authorship or Source 246
About the Author 248


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